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Thanks to Ji​m and Pam for asking ME to perform their very special wedding ceremony! It's official! They became husband and wife and I began a new venture as an Officiant!


Jim said...

"Danelle made our day so special. Starting months before the ceremony, my wife-to-be and I met with her several times to work through practical discussions about what it takes to have a good marriage. That time with Danelle helped us take a step back from all the excitement of being a new couple and look at the commitment and challenges are. Leading up to the ceremony, she spent thoughtful hours preparing for what she would say, how the event would go, and reviewing and refining with our input - making it exactly what we wanted. During the ceremony, she led us through special moments with care and beauty. My wife and I both bring kids into the equation and Danelle made them a very special part of the day. At one point, our youngest was twirling around our legs and ended up in my arms for the final portion of the ceremony and Danelle went with the flow and made it fun and right. My wife and I highly recommend Danelle for your event. She will make it a special time for you, your loved ones, family and friends. You couldn't ask for a more loving and caring soul."



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