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A New Way To Pray

I Was An Angel and A Vase

In November 1999, I was newly hired as a Children's Ministry Director. I wrote the Children's Christmas Play to be performed dur

ing the Sunday morning worship service. I thought it would help the children (and me) to be more comfortable if I stayed on the stage with them, so I borrowed an Angel costume for the occasion.

Honestly, the Angel costume saved the day! After church, I was walking to the restroom to change, and for a few seconds, my physical body became a Vase. God was pouring God into my body, and God was overflowing God to those around me. I will always remember those few seconds and the feeling of God using my body to love others.

Love Is Overflowing

Fast forward to 2017, when I began to write The Soul Power Experience. I asked God for the concepts which would be the foundation for Activating Your Soul Power. I discerned the words Light, Love, Power, and Wisdom. The concept of Love reminded me of the few seconds I was a Vase, and God was pouring overflowing Love into my body. In the free written and audio guided meditation that you can find on my website, I use a water glass illustration.

From Step 2 of the written Meditation: "Close your eyes and imagine your Light, activating a sense of healing Love in your body. Like a water glass filled to overflowing. Experience this Awareness of Soul Light and Love."

A New Way To Pray

Maybe it is just me, but through the many years of being a Christian, prayer became a cumbersome duty. God knows all the needs of everyone. The list of needs is endless. After I pray for my family and myself, how can I possibly pray for everyone else? I felt small and insignificant offering prayers of petition.

I read about a study in which two groups of people's immune system function were recorded before and after time in prayer. One group prayed petitionary prayers – asking God to meet the needs of the human family. The other group focused on filling their mind and bodies with the energy of Love and being a conduit of Love to the world. Overflowing Love rippled out energetically. The immune system function of both groups was measured again. The second group of energetic pray-ers rated higher than the first group of petitionary pray-ers. I was instantly reminded of when I was a Vase, and God poured into me. And I recalled the word picture of the water glass filled to overflowing, and I knew I found a new way to pray.

I Still Ask God For Help!

Of course, I still ask God for help! We speak petitionary prayers when we feel the need. For me, I also spend time every day filling my body with Light, Love, Power, and Wisdom and sending these energies into the world where they are most needed.

Proverbs 11:25 reminds us, we "who refreshes others will be refreshed." When I feel Light, Love, Power, and Wisdom in my body and become a conduit for God, I feel like I am making a difference in the world and I feel refreshed.

I am glad I found a new way to pray. Give it a try. Let me know how it goes for you. I offer free 30-minute calls. Book a call. Let's connect.

Namaste - the Divine in Me Celebrates the Divine in You!

I Love You!


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