Love My City

Hello Friend,

We each belong to a city. We might live outside the city or inside the city, either way We Belong.

The LoveMyCity t-shirt is for individuals, families or groups to show Love for their City by doing something Kind. It is up to You, wear the shirt and any kindness will do! Or wear the LoveMyCity t-shirt because you simply Love your City!

Love is Energy! Love is Action! Love is Power and Courage! We all make a Difference! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the public education foundation in Your City!

Thanks and I Love You,


P.S. Message Dani to order your Love Snohomish t-shirt today!

Love My City Today


I can make a Difference.

Kindness is the Way

I will Love My City today.

My City needs Me.

Love is My Power.

My heart is Courageous.

I will Love My City today

So others can See

We all make a Difference.

When my daughter Julia was asked by a College Advisor what major she wanted to pursue, she said "I want to make a difference."

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