Just a bit about me...

My hobbies are exercise and nutrition and learning.

It's fun, really it is!

I have been married for 34 years!

My dear husband, Kevin is the greatest guy on the planet! We are in love forever!

Oh my goodness, let me tell you about our wonderful kids!

Our dear Alyssa is married to Sagar, a prince of a guy!

Our sweet Julia is studying sociology and 'wants to make a difference'. Very cool!!

Our handsome Nelson is studying music and fills our life with music and joy!

We also love our 'extra kids' from here and abroad: Madison, Anna-Lisa, Charly, Klara, Sarah, Christina, Kiriana, Stirling,Vicky, Marion, Ton, Yerzhan, Goda, Aiche, Milica, Anush, Neda, Mahrijemal and Mjellma who are in our hearts and life forever!


I am a Wedding Officiant. I am happy to be ordained online. I am free to believe and do what is deeply true for me. I am Inclusive because 'Love is Love'.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist helping others to experience the Light, Love, Power and Wisdom  of the Soul .

I am a Certified Life Tribute Celebrant. I serve families by celebrating the Life and Legacy of their Loved One.

I have a Certificate from the Academy of Spiritual Formation and Direction.

I have a degree from Seattle Pacific University. I worked as a Pastor for 14 years with children, adults and small groups - mostly, I did everything I could to lead, love and serve people.

Love inspires me to Celebrate Life!      Inclusively Celebrating Love!      In Love, All Is Well!

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