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Special Events

Book A Call to schedule a FREE no-obligation Discovery Call.

If you want to make the most of your special event and don't want the stress of choosing a family member or friend to be an emcee, Dani would be happy to help! Dani understands the importance of meaningful stories that honor relationships and make life so beautiful!

Dani is also available as a Motivational Speaker for your organization!


Emcee: Fees will be agreed upon, includes a free one hour in-person, phone or video call planning session. Dani would be happy to help coordinate and emcee the speech and tribute portion of your reception or special event.

Motivational Speaker: Fees will be agreed upon, includes a one hour in-person, phone or video call planning session.

Travel Fee: no travel fee within a thirty minute radius of zip code 98290/Snohomish. Travel fees will be agreed upon. 

Sound Equipment Rental for Small Venues: $75, Click HERE for equipment details.

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