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Change your Story to Change your Life!

"To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often."

~Cardinal Newman (1801-1890)

I hope we can begin a journey of change together. Our lives are full of stories-factual stories and make-believe stories. The facts of our Story have to do with our time of birth; our parents and our siblings; the age we started school; our first job-the list of facts could go on and on. The make-believe stories are what we tell ourselves about our lives. The stories we believe tell us how we feel about the events and people in our Story. We live out reality in story-form based on our perceptions of ourselves and others. I used to think what I thought was true. Now I see the importance of understanding the Story I tell myself.

Our subconscious mind, conscious mind and even our bodies store the facts and make-believe stories of our lives. The events in our lives happened once in a brief moment of time and are often replayed over and over in our memories. Memories bring us to a time and a place and a feeling, sometimes of deep joy and sometimes of deep hurt. The subconscious mind sees the reoccurring event as though it happened again.

Why would our Creator allow our painful memories to be repeated? Perhaps it is because we need to be reminded of what needs healing. You have heard the saying, ‘Hurt people hurt people’. We project our pain onto others by assuming our reaction is their fault rather than humbly owning the pain we carry. We can heal our memories by retelling the story of our past. We can reframe our Story in order to gain a more mature perspective - this clarity tells our subconscious mind to think differently. Current scientific studies confirm negative thoughts bathe our bodies with negative brain chemicals. On the other hand, positive or healthy thoughts build new brain pathways which fill our bodies with positive brain chemicals.

Imagine Love...Our future is a Story not yet written. Our Divine Source empowers us to treat ourselves and others lovingly. We have an abundance of Love to share! Love springs up from within us, touching those we Love and makes a path of Love for us to walk into our future. Trust Love! Imagine if our goal for each day was Love, everyone around us would better understand who God is. The reality of Love would grow and grow like the stars of the Universe, ever expanding...

So what is your Story? We cannot change the facts of yesterday's story. And for some the facts are heart-wrenching. However, we can change the Story of our past. We have always been Loved by our Creator. Love sees us and knows everything about us. Love has been with us even when we were unaware, especially then. The Love of God is deeper than our deepest pain and higher than our highest joy. We can trust Love to bring healing and clarity into our Stories. Love wants us to live in harmony and in union with one another. Love wants the best for us, always and forever!

If you are ready to rewrite the story of your past and move into your future with a greater capacity in your body, mind and soul for Love, consider client-centered hypnotherapy. I have been trained in hypnotherapy through Bastyr University. Client-centered hypnotherapy is a tool to understand the stories we tell ourselves. Hypnotherapy is a relaxed state of deep thinking in which a client begins to discover the stories in his or her subconscious mind in order to bring healing and clarity. The sessions are client-centered which means the client is in control and allowed to speak from the worldview important to him or her.

In Love, All is Well!

Imagine Love...

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