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Evolving Toward Love!

"Evolving toward love". ~Richard Rohr

My heart used to be constrained by thinking of the world in terms of 'us' and 'them'. Now it's about 'we' and the journey of Love in our lives. Love is actively transforming each person, each community and each culture throughout the world. People create culture. We can change our culture when we evolve toward Love. Cultures will be transformed when each individual understands Love!

For some, life is filled with violence and trauma and heartache. Individuals act in ways which are the opposite of Love and the fallout is absolutely beyond tragic. People suffer and their lives are hell on earth. Love weeps with them. We weep together. Love is the only power which will overcome hostility and hatred. Love is heaven on earth. Love wins. Love will always win!

Evolving toward love is to live in freedom and strength and harmony! What does 'evolving toward love' mean to you? What difference would it make in your world? Imagine...

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