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My Third Conversion!

"God has met us here!" ~Seema Aggarwal

I was introduced to Jesus at age 8 by a loving North Dakota neighbor lady named LaVonne. Unknown to me, God was always caring for me but on that day I was told God's name-Jesus. I am sure if I had been born on the other side of the world, God would have had a different name.

Fast forward to age 14, I was at a Washington state youth conference and a performer sang "Put your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee..." I closed my eyes and I felt someone take my hand... When I opened my eyes and looked to my left, I noticed my friend had not taken my hand. It was then I realized, Jesus had held my hand. Over the years, I have had to trust God was still holding me. I can still feel my hand being held when I recall the memory.

Now for my third conversion... In January of 2015, twelve of us went to New Delhi, India for our daughter, Alyssa's magnificent wedding to Sagar Aggarwal. I nodded my head and held my hands in a prayer pose said "namaste' to all the men. I did the same and added a hug for all the women.

I knew God was already in India and when we showed love to one another, the presence of God would be apparent and our hearts would be joined together as a new family. One evening in the family home, Alyssa's new mother-in-law-to-be, Seema exclaimed with deep passion and eternal truth, 'God has met us here'!

My heart was changed forever. I was born anew on the other side of the world. God had been given a new name-Love. Later that same evening we had a pre-wedding dance party (where Zumba came in handy) which made the experience even more perfect!

In eternity past and in eternity future, God has always met all of humankind everywhere in Love.

Let's dance!

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