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Obey Your Soul!

"All that is necessary is to be guided absolutely, in all things by your inner light, by your perception

of truth. Obey your soul, have perfect faith in yourself."

~Wallace Wattles, The Science of Being Great

As I read this quote I shouted, "I knew it! I've always known it! I can obey my Soul!!" We all have a Deep Knowing. We all have Divine Center. Our Divine Center connects us with God who is Love. When we begin to trust God In Us we step on a new Path of Faith. Jesus walked this Path of Knowing. When we uncover our True Self we are more Christ-like.

Our True Self is when we see and live from the Deep Place of our Soul. The Holy Spirit of Love is our constant Companion. We grow as we learn to make use of the Power of Love for ourselves and others. God's Love wells up within us springing up to a Life of Love, always and forever. The Key to this way of Life is to stay connected with the Wisdom of Love. Truth which comes from God is infinitely true for all humankind and for all cultures. We can all walk in this Wisdom. Obey your Soul today and walk in freedom and peace and purpose.

Namaste-the Divine in me honors the Divine in you!

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